Breastroke Stroke Technique

a.Palms Out
b.Pull out and Down
c.Bank and in
d.Elbows in
e.Hand under Chin
f.Hands Forward
Body Position
a.Flat Lean Forward Swim Down Hill
b.Stomach in
c.Hip Rolled Forward
a.Legs Extended; Feet and Knee Together
b.Bend Knees;Feet and Knees Together
c.Feet Apart and Hooked,Feet Sweep Together
*Keep Knees inside of Hip Line
*Keep Kick Outside of Hip Line
*Thrust Back when hands are under chin
a.Chin Lift
b.Breath During Elbows in;and under Chin Positions
c.Breath Every StrokeBreast Stroke VideoBreaststroke


About Danai Sensei

Swimming teacher,speak English,Japanese,Thai
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