Ni Sensei;Swimming Lesson at Your Home’s Pool

Ni Sensei 083-1359904

Ni Sensei 083-1359904

Ni Sensei Normaly teach swimming at Student’s home’s pool in the afternoon from 3:00-6:30 pm.Monday to Saturday;In the morning some Time teach at Kindergartens,Ni Sensei Experience in teaching field as SP Kindergarten,Melodies Kindergarten,Rainbow Kindergarten,KiraKira Kindergarten.
Ni Sensei Graduated from Srinakarindharavirot University,Physical Education Major.
Ni Sensei Like to teach kid swim from 3 years old up,When teach Japanese kid Ni Sensei Speak Japanese,when teach international kids Ni Sensei Speak English,when teach Thai kids Ni Sensei speak Thai.Extra ordinary Ni Sensei can speak North Easthern Thai language(Isan)also.To contact Ni Sensei In Morning period prefered;Tel.083-1359904Aqua Aerobics VideoNi Sensei


About Danai Sensei

Swimming teacher,speak English,Japanese,Thai
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