Adult Swimming Lesson

Adult swimming lesson, some time adult come to learn swimming because they have direct experience felt down in to water and lucky some people helped them from water. Now they know that may not lucky again, so they come to learn. To teach adult know how to swim at first must learn about balancing in water how to float,how to stand safety then learn about basic movement kicking,gliding, pulling arms how to take breath. For normal adult need to learn a few time to be able to swim for survival swim safety.Lesson plan for basic swimming  for adult, Example as follows:

  • Safety Factors :Swimming Pool Entry, Diving, Floating, Standing after float, gliding, Standing after gliding.
  • Kicking, Hand movement, Dog Paddle, Turtle pulling.
  • Back Stroke kicking.
  • Breathing.
  • Dog Paddle and Back stroke kicking mix. If student can do mixing techniques they are able to swim any where safety. Average adult student need to learn 4 times to be able to swim safety.
  • Sport Techniques if student would like to learn, Free style,Frog, Back Stroke, Butterfly.

About Danai Sensei

Swimming teacher,speak English,Japanese,Thai
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